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Bill Act Title Author
HB 115 Act 197 Marriage-Persons Community Property G. Cromer
HB 121 Act 198 Successions Detailed Descriptive List G. Miller
HB 136 N/A Marriage-Persons No-Fault Divorce P. Jefferson
HB 310 Act 57 Corporations G. Reynolds/ F. Foil
HB 439 Act 419 Civil Procedure J. Zeringue/ T. Magee
HB 506 Act 362 Children's Code Expungement P. Jefferson
SB 42 Act 181 Human Trafficking Commission R. Johns
SB 54 Act 376 Human Trafficking Exploitation of Children B. Mizell
SB 81 Act 239 Children's Code Curatorship W. Bishop
SB 120 N/A Landlord-Tenant R. Ward
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